Latex tubing survival gear

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The Henry Arms U. Survival Kit, unlike others manufactured to lower standards, includes the basics of survival. Included are items which allow you to signal for help, navigate, stay warm and treat injuries.

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My buddy Sam owns some acreage south of town where we are hunting this year. It takes about an hour to get out to the gate, and then his land is back up in the hills, about five winding miles off of the piss-ant two lane blacktop. It is a beast, and typically good for the trip.

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Posted in GearMiscellaneousProduct. The use of snare wire is no exception, particularly because this type of wire is multipurpose. Ideally, snare wires work effectively in this way if you intend to be in the same location for a couple of days; it is unrealistic to set the snare wire and expect to snare a rabbit in half an hour.

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This encompasses everything from barren desert to snow covered mountains and everything in between. Not much in the way of swamps or tropical jungles, but the full range of hot to cold temperate climate zones. These can serve as a guide to what might be included in a well stocked kit.

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Click title or picture for full article. We put this article together with much hesitation. There are hundreds of articles from sites about emergency preparedness, survival and bug out bag kits.

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Plastic tubing is one of those items that nobody ever thinks about, but could come in extremely handy when things go bad. From siphoning water out of watering holes, to siphoning gas during a SHTF disaster, plastic tubing has a number of survival applications that make it a great piece of emergency gear to add to your supplies. Before we start, one small disclaimer.

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Quick links. Latex Tubing as a Tourniquet Discussions of the best or worst equipment to have on hand for use in the event of an injury during an emergency. I have read and fully agree with the concept that you buy a designed piece equipment if you are preparing ahead of time. I was just wondering if latex tubing would be any good in a pinch.

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Hope you enjoy. They make amazing compact water containers that can hold as much as 2 liters of water if handled properly. They are, after all, designed to be water tight.

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We know. Feel free to read it straight through or skip ahead to the are that interests you most or that which you need the most help with. This is a lengthy article with tons of helpful information, so I encourage you to set aside some time to dive in, bookmark it for future reference, and also be sure to pick up you own free PDF copy of these Bug Out Bag Essentials List here. In fact, we believe it should be a fun and enjoyable experience.


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