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Bend your knees and place your feet wide apart. Different styles of speculums work slightly differently, but all have two bills and a handle. Use the lever to open the bills until the lock clicks.

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Did you know the cervix changes position and texture depending on where you are in your ovulation cycle? Feeling your cervix can help you determine whether or not you are ovulating, and it's a great way to better understand your reproductive system. There's no special equipment needed to feel your cervix.

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The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus. It extends slightly into the vagina. This is where menstrual blood exits the uterus.

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Cervical cancer does not typically cause noticeable symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Most women are advised to get a Pap test starting at age The Pap test is one of the most reliable and effective cancer screening methods available, and women should have yearly exams by an OB-GYN. However, the Pap test may not detect some cases of abnormal cells in the cervix.

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The cervix is the neck of the womb uterus that connects the body of the womb to the birth canal vagina. Most cervical cancers arises in the little cells in the inner lining of the cervix. Cervical cancers take many years to develop.

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Think of your cervix as the gatekeeper to your uterus. Lots of things—like tampons, fingers, penises, sex toys, and other germ-carrying items—can get to your cervix, but they aren't getting past it. Likewise, there are things—like mucous, menstrual blood, and the occasional baby—that need to get out of your uterus.

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Mailing address. The measurement of cervical length utilizing transvaginal ultrasound is of help for pregnant women screening for premature labor, the shortening of the cervix being a predictor of higher risk of preterm delivery. Traditional methods for evaluating the uterine cervix during pregnancy are limited and unsatisfactory.

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Spotlight On Click here for issue 1, featuring our GI editor Dr. Raul Gonzalez.

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Surprisingly, others on the Internet took notice, so Starkey opened it up to let other women submit photos of their cervices. That was seven years ago. Now The Beautiful Cervix Project beautifulcervix. Starkey explains that all you need is a speculum, like the one your gynecologist uses to open the vagina for exams but inserted upside down, so you can reach the handle through your legsa flashlight, and a camera.


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