Polishing a vintage avion trailer

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How wrong we were. Since we started full-time RVing almost four years ago we have taken on a long list of projects, both out of necessity repairs and also out of our never ending desire to renovate and improve new kitchen backsplashnew bedroom curtainsfridge front re-face …and more. Which means that as much as we might grumble about this project or that project, the truth is that we both enjoy around-the-house projects.

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We picked up a 62 Shasta trailer and the side looked like a kid took a stick to the side of it. It was bad. The Bottom skin is new and the top skin was old, but they look identical.

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Airstream is an American brand of travel trailers "caravans" in British English which are easily recognized by the distinctive shape of their rounded and polished aluminum coachwork. This body shape dates back to the s and is based on designs created by Hawley Bowluswho had earlier overseen construction of Charles Lindbergh 's aircraft, the Spirit of St. The company, now a division of Thor Industriesemploys more than people, and is the oldest in the industry.

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Lots of people who see shiny vintage Airstreams flashing by on the highway think that Airstreams were made that way originally. A few were delivered with a polish by special request, back in the days when you could custom-order an Airstream any way you wanted. But the vast majority of them came from the factory with a rather ordinary aluminum finish, which is more matte than mirror.

Tags: Avion Trailers. Avion travel trailers were first introduced in and are some of the highest quality trailers built. The body is two complete aluminum riveted shells with treated fiberglass insulation between them.

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William, My wife and I just acquired a 31' Avion Ultra and have already started working on it. Did you also paint? Ours is quite yellow right now and I'll go the bleach route if it worked for you.

Restore old, faded metal trailers to look new again with Everbrite. Clean the painted or anodized areas of the trailer and apply Everbrite to restore the color and luster. ProtectaClear will coat mirror polished metals to protect them and keep them looking freshly polished.

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Double click here to add text. The upper pic is a little hazy because it just rained a little and now it's so muggy it's fogging over my camera lens. Every thing has an order, one step at a time.

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Today we really got down to polishing and deanodizing. We worked out a system where my father would deanodize in front of me and I would follow him around with the polisher. It took about 10 hours to get from the the left front corner to the right center section resulting in a pretty decent rough polish.

Click to Email. We specialize in Airstream and aluminum trailer Restoration Repair and Modernization, serving not only Montana but the entire United States and Canada for those who want quality, and competitively priced work. On many projects, as required, we will remove the trailer shell and recondition the frame. The benefits are many, including a healthier living environment and a great improvement in the trailer smell!


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